Al Aqsa Umrah

Package Details: Al Aqsa Umrah Package is according to the arranged group schedule and dates, including hotel and duration. Travel to and from Al Aqsa Umrah will be with the group. We do not guarantee approval and issue of visas and border security/Immigration at Al Asqa. Refusal upon arrival and any costs and expenses incurred is the sole responsibility of the passenger. Passenger may then rejoin the group at the airport for the Umrah trip in KSA. We strongly recommend passengers take out their own Travel Insurance for this journey. Contact us for full details.

Umrah Services

Flights: Included
Visa: Included 
Hotels: Included                      
Transport: Included
Ziyarat: Included                            


Airport: Nationwide Airports
Departure: (TBC)          
Return: (TBC)        
Airlines: Saudi / BA / EK/ EY/ RJ / TK

Duration: 14 days

Hotel in Al Aqsa 

Name: Stadard/ Economy Hotel
Distance from Haram: within walking distance
Type of Room: 2/3/4/5/6 share                        
Food: Not included         

Hotel in Makkah & Madinah

Name: 5*/ 4*/ 3*/ 2* Economy Hotel
Distance from Haram: within walking distance
Type of Room: 2/3/4/5 share                        
Food: Not included       

Umrah Support    

Guide Book: complimentary  
Religious Guide: provided 
Help and guidance: Yes                         


Room share. Contact us for details
Privet room. Contact us for details 
Food is available with extra charges


Day 1: Land at Airport. Transfer to Al Aqsa Hotel and visit masjid. 
Day 2Rest day at Al Aqsa Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Ziyarat. 
Day 3Rest day at Al Aqsa Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Ziyarat.
Day 4Rest day at Al Aqsa Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Ziyarat. 
Day 5: Check out of Hotel & Transfer to Airport for travel to KSA. 
Day 6: Land in Jeddah Airport. Transfer to Makkah. Check into Hotel, rest then perform Umrah. 
Day 7: Rest day at Makkah Hotel & Ibadah in the Haram. 
Day 8: Rest day at Makkah Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Ziyarah.
Day 9: Rest day at Makkah Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Exhibiton visit
Day 10: Rest day at Makkah Hotel & Ibadah in the Haram. 
Day 11: Check out of Makkah Hotel & Transfer to Madinah Hotel. 
Day 12: Rest day at Madinah Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Ziyarah.
Day 13: Rest day at Madinah Hotel, Ibadah in the Haram and Exhibition.
Day 14Check Out Madinah Hotel/Get Ready for departure.

Please contact us for more information 01912730775


Please Note

All packages are subject to availability and subject to:

  • Subject to airline schedule and availability
  •  Any travel rules must be adhered to including vaccinations and quarantine
  • Saudi 1/2/3/4/5* and Economy Hotels are standard to KSA
  • Hotel Check-in 4pm and Check-out 2pm
  • Hotels are non-refundable and non-changeable
  •  Changes can occur without prior notice; we shall give the passenger as much notice when possible
  • Any loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings is the passenger’s own responsibility
  • Travel and Health Insurance is recommended for all individuals and is own responsibility
  • Arrive at airport 5 hours before departure, checking in, security and immigration is the passenger’s responsibility
  • Refusal by the Airlines to board flight is the passenger’s own responsibility
  • Wearing Ihram clothes and making own intention for Umrah at the Miqat is the passenger’s own responsibility
  • Masjid entry tickets are pilgrim’s own responsibility
  • We strive to make the journey as smooth as possible. Umrah season is congested and busy so please have patience and follow the guidelines and instructions. This will help us make the pilgrim’s experience as comfortable as possible
  • Full Terms and Conditions apply, see