Hajj 3 Weeks standard

Package  Details 

Package: Non-Shifting
Hotels: Standard Hotel
Hajj Services: Included                      
Food: Included  


Duration: Approx 3 Weeks
Airport: Manchester and London Airport                         
Departure: 1 July 2022 (+/- 3 days)                      
Return: 21 July 2022 (+/- 3 days)   

Hotel in Makkah  

Name: Diyafat Mubarak/Similar 
Distance from Haram: Approx 450m                      
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner      

Hotel in Madinah

Name: Markaziya Hotel/Similar.
Distance from Haram: Approx 250m 
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hajj Support    

Religious Guide: Assistance from start to finish                    
Tour Guide: Assistance from start to finish                    
First Aid Kit: Available on-site                     
Hajj Seminar: A must to attend                
Guide Book: Provided with compliments                    
Ihram Pack: Provided with compliments        

Hajj Services 

Visa: Hajj Visa 
Hajj Transport: Provided by The Ministry of Hajj 
Mina: Tent with sofa bed, air conditioning and full board 
Arafat: Tent with air conditioning and food 
Muzdalifah: Overnight stay with the group 
Jamarat: Stoning with the group 


Makkah Ziyarat: Group Tour by Coach  
Madinah Ziyarat: Group Tour by Coach 
Walking Ziyarat: Group sightseeing  


Price: Contact us for Details
Type of Room Share: 5/4/3/2
Private room: Charges apply


Day 1: Meet & assist at airport to depart for Jeddah Airport. There will be ground staff to help and guide you from start to finish.

Day 2: Arrivals at Jeddah Airport. The group will make their way to Makkah. Check into Makkah hotel and perform Umrah.

Day 3: Ibadah and Rest day.

Day 4: Ibadah and Rest day.

Day 5: Ibadah, Rest day and Ziyarat.

Day 6: Ibadah, Rest day and Walking Ziyarat.

Day 7: Preparation for Hajj and Hajj Classes.

Day 8: Preparation for Hajj and Hajj Classes.

Day 9: We will prepare to leave for Mina as per instructions from the Mu’allim.

Day 10: On the 8th Dhul Hijjah this will be our first day in Mina with Full Board. You will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Mina and perform Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha and Fajr Salah. Also, advice and lectures on the days to come.

Day 11: Day of Arafat. On the 9th Dhul Hijjah after Fajr approx 08:00hrs, you will leave for Arafat & will spend all day until Maghrib time. After sunset we will leave for Muzdalifah and pray Maghrib and Isha Salah followed by rest. Prepare your stones for Jamarat.

Day 12: First day of Stoning. On the morning of the 10th Dhul Hijjah after Fajr, you will leave Muzdalifah. You will leave as a group for Jamarat (stoning). The group will walk to the hotel in Makkah. Once Qurbani is finished, heads will be shaven or shortened for men, and women trim their hair which takes them out of Minor Ihram ONLY. You will complete Tawaf Al Ziyarah (Tawaaf & Sa’ee) then go back to Makkah hotel and return back to tent in Mina. (Tawaaf/Saee can be performed in any of the days of Tashreeq). Once performed, this will take you out of Major Ihram.

Day 13: On the 11th of Dhul Hijjah this will be the second day of stoning. We will stone all three Jamarats.

Day 14: The 12th Dhul Hijjah will be the third day of stoning. On this day we will stone all three Jamarats and walk to the hotel in Makkah before sunset.

Day 15: The 13th Dhul Hijjah is a sunnah (optional) day of stoning. On this day those pilgrims who choose to stone and go to Jamarat will then walk back to hotel individually. Apart from the Farewell Tawaaf, all Hajj rites will be fulfilled at this point.

Day 16: Perform Farewell Tawaaf. Leave for Madinah Hotel. On the 14th/15th Dhul Hijjah the group will check in to the Madinah Hotel. Visit Masjid al Nabawi and Rawdah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Day 17: Ibadah and Rest day.

Day 18: Ibadah, Rest day and Ziyarat.

Day 19: Ibadah, Rest day and Walking Ziyarat.

Day 20: Ibadah and Rest day.

Day 21: Prepare for check-out. Check Out Madinah Hotel. Get Ready for departure. The group will depart from airport to return to UK. Full itinerary will be provided at the seminar.

Please contact us for more information.

Please Note

All packages are subject to availability and subject to:

• Airline schedules +/- 3 days.

• Any travel rules must be adhered to including vaccinations and quarantine.

• Islamic Moon sightings, which may alter Islamic dates.

• Itinerary may be changed at any time.

• Standard Hotel has no star rating and basic amenities including TV, en-suite, air conditioning and lifts. Some suite rooms may not have en-suite facilities.

• Changes can occur without prior notice; we shall give you as much notice when possible.

• Any loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings is NOT the responsibility of Newcastle Travel and Tours Ltd.

• Travel and Health Insurance is mandatory for all individual’s and is own responsibility.

• Refusal by the Airlines to board flight is not the responsibility of Newcastle Travel and Tours Ltd

• We strive to make the journey as smooth as possible. Hajj season is the busiest and congested time of year so please have patience and follow the guidelines and instructions. This will help us make your experience as comfortable as possible

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