Tips and Suggestions

Ihraam wear

May need to/prefer to change.

Cheap Flip-Flops/Sandals

Easy to misplace or lose.

Sleeping bag/s

NOTE: do not use a sleeping bag zipped up during Ihraam in Muzdalifah, you should use it as a blanket only.


Non-perfumed toiletries like creams & lotions/Vaseline etc during Ihraam.   Face towels for constant use.  Toothbrush/paste.

Zip lock bag

Useful for keeping pebbles for stoning the jamaraat.

Alarm clock

Small & portable.


An umbrella is useful to shade you from the hot sun at midday.


Keep track of directions & important information.

Qur’an Mushaf/Hajj manual/Duaa books etc

A small qur`an will be more portable although Qur’ans are available in the Harams.  Hisnul Muslim.

Water flask/Water bottle to keep with you ALWAYS

Can be used for wudu, emergency water waiting in crowds and buses, Zam Zam.  Can use a water spray bottle for face when very hot etc.

Jumper/Cardigan/Thermal Wear/Heat pads

Nights can be quite cold.


For dark nights, particularly Muzdalifah.

Medicine/s & Health records etc

Chronic illness, paracetamol/co-codamol, cough sweets, diarrhoea – Immodium, travel sickness, pro-plus etc.  Pharmacies widely available.

Prayer mat

You never know where you will need to pray.

Safety pins

Useful when you don’t have pockets, or stitched clothes.

Money belt

Keep at your own risk at ALL times.

Nail Cutter/Scissors

Used before/after coming out of Ihraam.

Dry Snacks

Especially essential if one is diabetic and stuck in long queues etc.

Spare Plastic Carrier Bags

Useful for nearly everything.

ID Cards/Bands/Hotel Cards/Mobile Numbers of guides/group leader

In case one is lost, the situation is easily resolved.

Small change for poor/needy

A small deed with great reward.

Foldable Walking Stick/Chair

Available to buy in KSA but necessary for the weak and very young.


Hand luggage maximum 7 KGs & should right be the right size/dimensions
Main Luggage should be no more than 23 KGs maximum.  On return 10L Packed Zam Zam water.

**keep sharp belongings in your main luggage.
**Keep extra photocopies of your documents in case of loss.
**Women consult own GP regarding delay of menstruation.
**Learn salaat al Janaazah – read after every prayer in Haram.
**Personal jewellery unnecessary.
**Monies should be kept in split places in case of loss. We advise taking Credit/Debit cards as widely used in most places.
**Avoid Street food! Buy own bottled water in case of contamination.
**During Tawaaf/other crowded areas – do not bend down to pick something up. Very dangerous, risk of injury to self & others.
**Avoid pushing/shoving at all times. May cause others to fall/injure themselves.
**Be patient as much as you can. Very easy to lose control in these situations.
**Help others without risking your own safety.
**Streets & Tents look identical. Make note of your tent number especially in Mina & Arafah.
**Lower your gaze. Women do not cover their faces during Ihraam.
**Look at the ground, not Ka’aba when doing Tawaaf. Learn duaas for tawaaf & other Hajj rites.
**Travel at least in pairs and let others know where you are going.
**Mobile phone ringtones should be silent or vibrate. Do not offend anyone with music especially in the Haram.
**Recommended NOT to take photos in Haram as the security guards at the gates check for cameras etc.
**Please follow the rules in your given situation/place.
**Budget your finance well. NOTE: Damm/Fidya Azza – for missing any wajibaat actions or any other violations. Sadaqah , Udhiya (Qurbani) & others etc.
**Flip-flops, sandals, and other clothing items are readily available everywhere in KSA.
**Food restaurants and booths are widely available also.