Visa Requirements

The application of visas is solely at the discretion of the Saudi Embassy.  Below are the minimum requirements that each pilgrim must provide:

  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months on the date of travel.
  • Non-European Community (EC) passport holders must have a minimum validity of both passport and visa of 6 months. They must have permanent residency and must have entered the UK two months prior to applying. Children who have been endorsed on their parents passport will only be granted a visa if a photo of the child has also been endorsed on the passport by the Passport Office.
  • All non British passports must be digital and residence card ID must be provided on application.
  • 4 passport sized photographs on a white background.
  • A completed visa application form.
  • A valid meningitis (ACWY) immunisation certificate which is valid for 3 years from date of travel and no less than 10 days before flight.
  • A marriage certificate for spouses with different surnames may be required.
  • A full birth certificate may be required if travelling children have different surnames to the parents.
  • A conversion certificate from a religious organisation proving Muslim identity in case of revert brothers and sisters.


Please note: after submission to the Saudi embassy, other documents may be requested in order to process the visa. Under certain circumstances, the embassy may require the latest expired passport.  If this cannot be provided then a police report of lost/stolen passport along with a solicitor’s letter and a charity registered local masjid letter testifying that the person has not performed the pilgrimage in the last few years.  Any documents sent with the visa application is not guaranteed to be returned from the embassy and is not our responsibilty.  We suggest you keep copies of your sent documents.
Newcastle Travel and Tours Ltd cannot guarantee the issue of a Hajj/Umrah visa.  Hajj and Umrah visas can be issued as late as the date of departure and we will endeavour to deliver the passports before flights in this case.